1. What exactly is a Daily Money Manager and why do I need one?

A Daily Money Manager is a professional who provides a wide range of personal assistance to clients who want help managing their day-to-day monetary and personal affairs. They coordinate personal, financial, legal, and health insurance matters for people—right in their own residence

2. Does ACP Financial Care act as Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, or Executor for clients?

Amanda Pascale can act in any one of those capacities if you so choose. Legal documents would be executed to ensure that all parties are aware of the responsibilities given.

3. How do I convince my parents that they need your help?

Amanda has been working with all types of people and has worked on all aspects of finances and medical issues. The goal is always to help seniors remain as independent and as in charge of their affairs as possible. During the initial consultation she will help your parents identify areas where they may need some assistance. With our one hour free consultation, there is no obligation to go further until they are comfortable. Then, we would determine whether they need a one-time project to be completed or ongoing assistance.

4. My Aunt just died and I am the executor of her will. I’ve never done this before and don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Yes. Amanda Pascale has managed many estates on her own as well as assisting executors in digging through file cabinets, desks and homes to gather the information to probate the will and handle the details required. 

5. Should I pay my parents’ medical bills as soon as we receive them?

No! The basic rule of thumb is to review the explanation of benefits (EOB) from the insurance company or summary from Medicare to be certain they have paid their share first. In our experience, we have found that there may be coding errors or insurance claims errors. Those need to be reviewed and corrected before you pay the medical bill. Also, when using network physicians, the insurance claim must be handled first. A lot depends on the type of insurance you have. We are always happy to discuss with you.

6. Do you work with people other than seniors?

Absolutely. We work with any age. We also work with those who may be physically or mentally challenged.

7. How can I trust someone I don’t know handling my personal and financial business?

Amanda Pascale’s experience comes from a field where confidentiality is an absolute must. She has dealt with people’s highly sensitive personal and financial matters for 30 years. Integrity is the cornerstone of her business philosophy and an integral part of her value system.

8. How do I know that ACP Financial Care will work well with my family member?

Amanda Pascale has worked with individuals from all walks of life. During her 30 plus years in human resources, she worked on the professional side in banking and long term care. While volunteering through her church to cook and serve at a local homeless shelter, she values the understanding of her each individual’s “lot in life.” She is a keen listener, a problem-solver, and a clear communicator, ensuring that all parties have a common understanding of expectations as well as end results. Her process includes a one hour free consultation without any obligation so all parties can assess whether there is a “good fit.”

9. Why use your services instead of just going to my own attorney or accountant?

First, we do not replace your lawyer or accountant. We do not provide legal, financial or medical advice. We have a lot of experience in the day to day minutia. Your understanding of forms and documents is most important, and we can explain these in layman’s terms. Most day to day questions and concerns don’t require a lawyer or accountant. However, when you need to speak with them for their legal or financial opinions, they are there. We help you get the most out of any professional advisors you may have.

10. What are the benefits of using your services?

  • So that your loved ones are not subjected to the people who prey on the elderly and deplete their checking and savings accounts. Your Financial Care Manager will not allow money to be paid without reviewing the purpose of the money being withdrawn.
  • Some seniors enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment. As they age, their thinking gets cloudy; and they may gamble away a lot of their savings leaving little for their care.
  • Because mistakes are costly; late fees and interest charges are dollars thrown in the trash
  • Some people have increasing credit card debt due to their inability to manage money on a budget
  • Many seniors prefer financial privacy from their children or other family members
  • Seniors are able to remain independent in their own homes longer when they have a Financial Care Manager.
  • So that the individual maintains financial control