Our Services

Daily Money Management

  • Pay the bills – we can write the checks for you to sign or we can automate through your bank. Make bank deposits
  • Review your bank statements, credit card statements, reconcile
  • Collect and organize your records for tax return preparation
  • Assist with setting up budgets and monthly monitoring
  • Maintain general homeowner records
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Advanced Care Planning

Advance care planning is a process to create plans for a time in the future when we will not be able to make our own decisions.

We understand the anxiety and fear that comes with talking about the end of our life. We believe that a gentle and respectful conversation will make the process smooth. Step by step, your concerns will be relieved. Let’s initiate discussions about health issues and the future in terms of long term care needs: living with child, in-home care, assisted living and nursing homes.

  • advance health care directive (health care power of attorney)
  • living will
  • financial power of attorney
  • last will, trust
  • end of life plan (hospice, funeral, burial)

We find that many times it’s difficult to have these conversations with your own family. Let us help facilitate.

Please note that final documents may be prepared by an attorney

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Estate Administration

An executor is entrusted with responsibility for winding up someone's earthly affairs -- a big or little task, depending on the situation. Essentially, an executor is charged with protecting a deceased person's property until all debts and taxes have been paid, and seeing what's left is transferred to the people who are entitled to it.

“While there may be a need for an attorney depending on the size and type of estate, many estates do not. Where necessary, legal advice is obtained.” We can:

  • Serve as Will Executor
  • Locate and organize important documents
  • Facilitate communications with appropriate parties
  • Prepare probate materials and assist client through the probate process
  • Monitor/track medical bills, insurance, Medicare claims
  • Identify government benefits, i.e., military, veterans, social security
  • Notify Social Security, IRS, and businesses where deceased had accounts
  • Perform an inventory of the assets of the deceased
  • Pay final expenses (funeral)
  • Work with Employer for pay and benefits
  • Review and help claim life insurance and veterans, employment related, or other benefits
  • Make all estate distributions
  • Navigate and organize records of decedent; identify records for shredding and proper storage
  • Act as liaison with estate attorney
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Professional Fiduciary Services

  • Serve as personal representative, trustee, conservator, attorney–in-fact under a power of attorney, custodian, executor, and/or administrator.
  • Serve as Notary Public

Other Services

  • Provide general organization assistance and decluttering of financial paperwork and organizing financial documents
  • Health insurance claims filing and review – appeals and dispute resolution
  • Assist with employment related benefits, e.g., medical plans, 401k, pension, FSA plans, HRAs, etc.
  • Assist with Medicare/Medicaid applications
  • Provide evaluations for assisted living, long term care, and continuing care communities
  • Provide resources for home healthcare, personal care, custodial care
  • other

A few reasons why you may need us

  • Remove the stresses of your time and responsibility for caring for an elderly or disabled loved one
  • Spend quality moments with your loved one rather than discussing money, bills, or other financial topics
  • You have questions that may not require a lawyer’s or accountant’s advice – we have answers or help you find the professionals you need.
  • Paperwork, phone calls, sending bill payments takes time


NOTE: ACP Financial Care does not provide legal, financial, or medical advice. Rather, we help you get the most out of any professional advisors you may have or help direct you to professional advisors you may need. We work collaboratively with any family, friends or professionals you request.