Stories and Testimonials


James V

When my mother passed away, I was the executrix of her will and had no idea what I was faced with. My heart was broken and I had to deal with mountains of paperwork. A friend recommended Amanda to help me. She came over and calmly explained what was to happen. She quickly and quietly took control and the estate was settled in under a year. She referred me when necessary to an attorney to do any legal issues that required their expertise. Otherwise, Amanda took care of everything.


Bill W.

Amanda helped us put together our wills, powers of attorney and other documents to make sure everything would be taken care of. We sent copies to our daughters so they are aware of our plans. Amanda made it very simple and uncomplicated.


Susan K

I had accumulated debt due to the downed economy. But where to start and come up with a plan to reduce it quickly became overwhelming. Meeting with Amanda gave me a sigh of relief. She was easy to talk with, and after going over my bills, she came up with a realistic plan to reduce my debt. She never made me feel inadequate. Because of her insight I am better able to make smart decisions on my financial future. It is amazing how she can quickly organize the “paperwork” and come up with a plan.


Eva T

After hiring Amanda to handle my dad’s bills and finances, I was able to address more of his emotional, social, and health concerns as he ages, rather than always focusing on his financial situation. Amanda has also been instrumental in getting my father to see the importance of getting his will and healthcare directives done. That was a miracle! Amanda gives me the peace of mind to know that my dad will be financially safe and will not fall victim to any scams; any issues will be caught before they become a problem. This has allowed me to have a much better and healthier relationship with my father!

True stories…

My Mom had just passed away. As my sister and I sat on the windowsill near her bedside at the hospital, I said “well, I guess we’re going to have to make plans now for the wake and funeral.” The words coming from my sister’s mouth hit me like a brick. “There isn’t going to be any wake – Mom wanted to be cremated”. I responded fast and fierce. “This is it? I never knew this! She never told me! You never told me! How can I just walk away from her? We just sit here for a few minutes and then go home? I’m supposed to just say, OK, bye Mom?” My calm serenity quickly turned into anger and resentment.

“Overtreated to Death”

The doctors finally let Rosaria Vandenberg go home. For the first time in months, she was able to touch her 2-year-old daughter who had been afraid of the tubes and machines in the hospital. The little girl climbed up onto her mother’s bed, surrounded by family photos, toys and the comfort of home. They shared one last tender moment together before Rosaria slipped back into unconsciousness. Rosaria, 32, died the next day.

That precious time at home could have come sooner if the family had known how to talk about alternatives to aggressive treatment. Instead, Rosaria had endured two surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation for an incurable brain tumor before she died. “We would have had a very different discussion about that second surgery and chemotherapy. We might have just taken her home and put her in a beautiful chair outside under the sun and let her gorgeous little daughter play around her – not just torture her in the hospital” her sister-in-law said. (Associated Press)

Greater emphasis must be placed on maximizing function and quality of life rather than on extending the duration of life.